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                      Inspur Launched Meta Brain Platform at the 2019 Inspur Partner Forum, Bolstering Inspur's AI Capability


                      Inspur, a leading datacenter, cloud and AI computing total solutions provider, at its annual Inspur Partner Forum (IPF) officially launched Meta Brain, Inspur's full-stack AI Computing Platform. The platform includes leading AI computing infrastructure, comprising a diverse framework, the latest AI PaaS platform and the algorithm layer AutoML Suite. Meta Brain also introduces additional substantial offerings, condensing years of AI algorithm optimization, system optimization services and integrated full stack capabilities into a turnkey solution that provides superb AI computing power for the industry.

                      Composition of Meta Brain Platform

                      • Inspur AI computing platform provides AI superb powerful server, like the world's most powerful GPU server AGX-5 is equipped with 16 of NVIDIA Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs with 32GB, providing incredibly powerful stand-alone AI computing performance with 2 Petaflops.Ultra-high-speed computing acceleration card, ultra-low latency RDMA network and ultra-high bandwidth parallel storage, which jointly provide the ultimate in AI computing performance
                      • Framework optimizing for the most popular TensorFlow framework with tensorflow-opt optimization for the fastest training speed of the public cloud and incorporating the FPGA computing acceleration engine TF2. Caffe, caffe-mpi, MXNet and other mainstream frameworks are also supported
                      • Newly developed AI PaaS platform is oriented to the training scenarios of AI enterprises, which can realize containerized deployment, visual development, centralized management, etc., effectively accelerating deep learning, enhancing model development and training, accelerating the online speed of products and services, and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.
                      • Newly developed AutoML Suite algorithm layer is the world's first highly parallel extension to provide on-premise and cloud deployment, and it enables non-professionals to build network models with minimal operations and achieve high accuracy, greatly reducing the threshold and cost of AI development and application. In the 2018 NeurIPS automatic machine learning challenge, Inspur cooperated with the teams of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Central South University to achieve the world's third best performance in the international top competitions.

                      "As the world's market leader in providing AI computing solutions, Inspur is uniquely positioned to help further advance this revolutionary technology that is driving innovation across a broad range of industries and numerous enterprises," said Jun Liu, GM of Inspur AI&HPC. "The Inspur Meta Brain platform launch represents a milestone in Inspur's AI upgrade strategy, whereby the latest additions to our AI product portfolio demonstrate our commitment to deliver customers a value proposition around AI that provides unmatched AI computing performance and provides the scalability to support continued growth and profitability."

                      About Inspur

                      As the world's leading AI computing provider, Inspur is fully engaged in the development of AI infrastructures on four layers, including computing platform, management and performance suite, optimized deep learning frameworks and application acceleration to deliver end-to-end, agile, cost-efficient, and optimized AI solutions for its industry customers. IDC and Gartner's 2018 worldwide server market trackers both ranked Inspur No. 3 in the worldwide x-86 segment. Committed to offering state-of-the-art computing for global customers through innovative design, Inspur has become a business partner to many leading companies around the world. To learn more, http://www.inspursystems.com.

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