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                      Inspur Releases Edge Computing AI Server Enabled with NVIDIA GPUs 2019-03-20
                      Inspur Industry-first AI Server Supports Eight NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs with NVSwitch Enabled in... 2019-03-20
                      IDC: Worldwide X86 Server Market Revenue Increased by 15.4% in 2018, with DELL, HPE and Inspur Ranke... 2019-03-15
                      Inspur uses L11 rack level integration to deploy 10,000 nodes in 8 hours 2019-01-16
                      Gartner: 31.5% Worldwide Server Market Growth in Third Quarter, Inspur, DELL and HPE Maintain Top 3 2019-01-03
                      IDC: In 3Q2018 Worldwide Server Market Growth, Dell, HPE and Inspur Rank Top Three 2018-12-18
                      Registration of ASC19 Student Supercomputer Challenge Now Open 2018-12-11
                      Join the 20th HPC Connection Workshop at SC18 and Meet the Pioneers of Supercomputing 2018-12-11
                      Inspur Releases Powerful Scale-up AI Super-server AGX-5 Accelerated by NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs 2018-12-11
                      Inspur Released HBM2 AI Accelerator Card F37X with Xilinx FPGA 2018-12-11
                      Inspur collaborating with Intel to accelerate AI innovation 2018-12-11
                      Openness Driving Collaboration and Data Center Innovation 2018-12-10
                      Inspur and Open Compute Project (OCP) Jointly Launch New Rack Server Solution Addressing Hyper-Scale... 2018-10-24
                      4U Supports 106 HDDs! Inspur Launches New Server with World’s Highest Storage Density 2018-06-27
                      Inspur launches innovative i48 server optimized for AI, HPC and NFV 2018-06-26
                      Inspur Showcases Cloud Computing, Big Data and AI Solutions at 2018 CEBIT 2018-06-16
                      Summit Meets TaihuLight at ISC18 HPC Connection Workshop 2018-05-24
                      Inspur Releases InCloud OpenStack Version 5.5 at OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2018-05-23
                      IDC: Inspur Leads China’s 2017 AI Infrastructure Growth as AI Market Continues Rise 2018-05-17
                      Peter Sun Talks About Next Technological Revolution at Boao Forum for Asia, Saying ABC to Change Eve... 2018-04-10
                      Gartner reports Dell EMC HPE and Inspur are top 3 in x86 servers in 2017 2018-03-14
                      Inspur Walks with Hyperscalers to Propel Artificial Intelligence Application Adoptions 2018-01-30
                      Inspur Held the First Analyst Conference and Released AI Infrastructure Products Jointly with Baidu,... 2018-01-30
                      ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge to include AI and Nobel Prize-winning application 2018-01-30
                      Inspur’s Solution Announcement for the “Meltdown” and “Spectre” Security Exploits 2018-01-13
                      Inspur’s Peter Sun Values the Human-Centered Smart Transportation at 2017 Fortune Global Forum 2017-12-08
                      Worldwide Server Market Continues to Grow in the 3rd Quarter with Dell EMC, HPE and Inspur Ranking T... 2017-12-07
                      Jinan Innovation Zone, Inspur and Cisco Sign MoU of Strategic Cooperation 2017-12-05
                      Global Win-Win Cooperation - "B&R" Digital Economy Strategic Alliance Conference Takes Place 2017-11-03
                      Inspur? Launches ON5263M5, the World’s First OCP-Accepted? Compute Node Based on Intel? Xeon? S... 2017-10-30
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