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                      OSS Assurance Solution/IPMS

                      Inspur OSS Assurance Solution provides a unified platform for operators and service providers and delivers a centralized view and control over entire network (both telecom network and IT network), various services and operations. It helps monitor and react rapidly and minimize the impact on network and service particularly the customer experiences. It improves operation efficiency and ensures the quality of network and service.

                      Background introduction:

                      Your pain may be

                      ?Multiple monitoring tools, isolated surveillance

                      ?Massive alarms every day

                      ?Lack of alarm normalization and enrichment

                      ?Lack of alarm correlation and slow problem localization

                      ?Lots of manual Trouble Tickets

                      ?Manual performance monitoring and no automated performance alarm


                      Your Expectation may be

                      ?An integrated network management system

                      -Integrate various OMC/EMS/NMS tools to facilitate centralized surveillance

                      -Monitor and correlate alarms with related resources and services

                      -Provide complete alarm lifecycle management from occurrence, acknowledgement, troubleshooting up to clearance

                      -Provide dashboard monitoring and automate performance alarm

                      ?Solution for corporate customer service quality monitoring

                      ?Knowledge base for sharing experiences and close team work

                      Solution introduction:

                      Product Introduction

                      Inspur OSS Assurance Solution offers total telecom network management on network fault, performance, configuration, service quality and O&M processes. It provides flexible network access capability to support multi-domain, multi-technology and multi-vendor management and visual view on network operation conditions and process flow to help assure continuous network and service operation of high quality, and eliminate bottlenecks to service growing for delivering great customer experience and retaining valuable customers finally.

                      Furthermore, the solution provides IT management capability on IT network, system, application and IT service management.


                      Performance Management (PM) provides visual network performance monitor, flexible statistics reporting and analysis functions and supports to detect performance degradation and find potential problems proactively. It helps assure high quality of network and services delivered to subscribers.

                      Independent Performance Monitoring System(IPMS) provides to complete the conversion of the original signal from data packets to IP packet in collection layer, generate the full amount of the original signal data, and transmit to share layer to handle it.  Especially provide further signaling level capturing and analyzing based on big data platform, e.g. MAP/ISUP/SIP/Diameter, which is more and more important for service assurance.

                      Fault Management (FM) provides central alarm collection, monitor, correlation, root cause analysis, service impact analysis, fault notification, corrective operation and fault statistics. It reduces the MTTR and the impact on services with improved customer experience.

                      Electronic Operation & Maintenance System (EOMS) provides flow-based operation and maintenance for different business processes. It enables automated process and operations to help optimize flow, reduce human errors and increase efficiency.

                      Configuration Management (CM) provides central configuration data management and flow-based configuration change management for multi-vendor and multi-type network element operation.

                      IT Network Management System (ITNMS) is ITIL-based unified IT management platform to help IT staff monitor and control running state of IT devices, applications, services and business applications to help improve IT operation and maintenance efficiency and quality.

                      IT Service Management (ITSM) is built as unified system supporting entire service management process and actions for customer. It provides visual and flow-based process to help improve efficiency and quality and realize precision management.

                      The client's return:

                      Proactive and reactive maintenance activities to ensure that network and services provided to customers are continuously available and to committed SLA performance levels.

                      Solutions Benefit:

                      -Reduce Operational Expenses

                      -Proactive Assurance

                      -Customer Centric Processes

                      -Enhanced Customer Experience

                      -Implemented Industry Best Practices


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